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UMP - prawie cała Polska

Darmowa Mapa Polski dla GPS Garmin - UMP-pcPL

What the UMP-pcPL is

UMP – is a free map dedicated for Garmin GPS devices, developed by users. You can find a plenty of such maps (others than ours) which cover different areas of the world on Mapcenter and Mapcenter2, or using search service.
UMP-pcPL covers "almost whole" Poland, and therefore we call it "pcPL" (prawie cała PL). Almost – because we have not finished nor completed it yet, and the map is continuously growing.

Where it came from

The UMP maps were covering a few cities at the beginning, and could only be a supplement to commercial maps. Thanks to Tomasz Surmacz it soon expanded all over the country (see here). The Warsaw fraction started as independent project developing so-called UMP-Wawa (working on the city and the closest neighborhood). Slowly we discovered all the technical possibilities present on commercial maps, like routing, POI indexing, addresses etc. Soon both projects have merged, and then expanded to cover all the Europe.

More knowledge about GPSes (especially used for hiking) you can find at GPS-Maniak site and at Garniak forum (both mainly in Polish, but do not hesitate to write in English there).

What you get from UMP-pcPL

You will get good coverage of all the Poland area, with a lot of extraordinary details not found in other maps, (take a look at a flyer), The map very quickly adapts to the constantly changing road network and we are listening to the users and their suggestions. In simple words: it is free (with free sources and mechanisms, and for no money).

What you WON'T get

There are better maps than ours. There are data which we don't plan to include. There are other types of maps to upload. To be fair, we should mention about:
  • OpenStreetMap project – much better outside Poland
  • so called Custom Maps – scans of paper maps to upload to your Colorado, Oregon, or Dakota GPS.

How you can help

You can help us, obviously, using our map and reporting changes in real world or things that are missing. Here is how..
And if you use our map on a web site or in any another way – make us happy.

Latest news (in Polish):

Smart picture of recent changes (one day plot):
yesterday changes - map
More pictures: deeper in the past.
Legend: green means added, blue – changed, red – deleted.
Author: Marcin Rudowski